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Every year in the United States, there are approximately six million car accidents. As this statistic is likely to rise in the upcoming years, it is a good thing to have car insurance and a seat belt.

In today’s society so many people have busy lifestyles. These lifestyles mean more and more people on our roadways. With an increasing number of people on our roadways the rise in auto accidents is also increasing. Here are some car accident statistics to help people understand this rising concern and hopefully help future preventable auto accidents.

In the United States there is an average of 6 million cars on the road each year. Statistics indicate that 3 million people are injured in an auto accident each year with 2 million of those injuries being permanent. Auto accident statistics also indicate that the driver of the vehicle is most often the one injured in an auto accident followed by the passenger of the car and then pedestrians.

Ventura_Injury_attorney_buckle_upThere are over 40,000 automobile related deaths each year on U.S. Auto Accident Statistics. According to auto accident statistics this alarming number has actually been on the decline in recent years. Auto accident statistics show that every 12 minutes someone dies in an auto accident. Additionally, auto accident statistics show that in half of the automobile related deaths the deceased was not wearing the mandatory seat belt. This poor decision may have cost the deceased their life. Many auto accidents could be avoided if people made more responsible decisions. Auto accident statistics indicate that 40 percent of automobile related deaths are caused by a drunk driver.

As well, excessive speed results in 30 percent of auto related fatalities each year. Another alarming cause of auto accidents is driver distraction. Auto accident statistics report that 20 percent of auto accidents are caused by a driver being distracted by their cell phone.

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