Truck Accidents

Truck Accidents

Truck accidents involving an 18-wheeler, tractor trailers, semi-trucks and large fright carriers do not have to occur at high speeds to leave devastating damage and severe injuries. Due to the sheer weight of a tractor-trailer, a typical automobile can be crushed at low speeds. Some estimates today put the number of catastrophic accidents at ten percent. Finding the right representation can be difficult, Ventura Injury Lawyers would like to make it easier for you to obtain just compensation for your truck accident injuries.

Truck accidents can happen out of nowhere and change the lives of our loved ones forever.

Frequent causes of truck accidents in Southern California:

Driver fatigue
Drunk driving
Worn out tires
Overweight and unsafe loads
Since many truck drivers’ pay depends on the number of miles driven, it is only logically foreseeable that accidents will occur. There are various regulating laws that truck drivers and companies employing them are supposed to abide by, but often neglect. Ventura Injury Lawyers can help determine if the driver or the company employing him/her was negligent and responsible for the accident.

Let Our Truck Injury Lawyers Help You

Our law firm is experienced in handling large truck collision cases. When working with our  truck accident attorney, you gain a significant advantage over the negligent party through our employment of top field experts who reconstruct the scene of the accident to prove the negligent entity’s fault.

You have enough to worry about after a personal injury involving a large truck. Let our knowledgeable truck accident lawyer handle your compensation claim. We will seek maximum compensation and always act in your best interests.

Give us a call for a FREE Consultation. There are no obligations and no fees unless we recover for you.

Why Clients Choose our Ventura Injury Attorney

Since our partners work direct with clients, we uphold the highest level of dedication and perseverance. Not only do we employ industry experts to conduct inspections of commercial trucks, we also make use of state of the art computer animations to clearly convey the details to jury and judges in many cases. Over the years we have had client referrals from other attorneys indicating a degree of trust in our litigation abilities by other law firms.

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