Release of Liability?


signing a contract“We just have a couple forms for you to sign.”  “Initial here, and here, and here, and here….”  Have you just signed the form without reading it?  Do you know what legal rights you just gave up?  Read on for more.

A Release of Liability or Waiver may release a business or person of all liability, even if the business or person was negligent!  That means if you are exercising at a gym and a television falls on you because a gym employee negligently installed the television, you can’t sue the gym and win (real case).  But, there might be a way around the Release and you should contact a personal injury lawyer to find out.  In order for a California Release to be effective, it must be clear and unambiguous, the injury producing event must be reasonably related to the object for which the person signed the release, the release can not contravene public policy and since the Release is a contract, it is subject to contract defenses like fraud, duress and unconscionability.

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